Decapitated "Organic Hallucinosis" Review

This is the new release from polish death metaller’s Decapitated. Since their debut release in 2000 entitled “Winds of Creation” this band has proven that they have what it takes to wear the death metal crown. The only thing I was skeptical about was if the new singer Covan could bring the brutality like former singer Sauron. Well… to me he did and he brought it with the fury of a million demons. On this release the band keeps up their unrelenting style of death metal that has became their way of playing. The drums on this album are played with such precision and talent that the only way I truly can describe them is…fucking brilliant! The guitar playing is second to none and mixed with the drums and vocals create some of the best death metal in the scene today. If there is truly any band that people should start to recognize this would be the one, because these guys play death metal the way it should without any compromise. Overall this is an amazing death metal accomplishment on this bands part and a killer album in general. For fans of Deicide, The Berzerker, and Suffocation!

-Daniel Damnation