Cult of Daath "The Grand Tortures of Hell" Review

The is the re-issue of the classic black metal album “The Grand Tortures of Hell” which has been out of print for a few years and is also the bands debut cd. This album is simply some of the most raw and primal black metal I have heard in some time. The sound of the album sticks to what I would call a more natural sound as apposed to an overly produced/bombastic sound like so many black metal bands do nowadays. This album also reminds me of old Hellhammer and Burzum in so many ways, from the guitars to the vocals. Now as far as the vocals go on this album, they have a more tradition black metal style that is very grim and cold. Overall this album is a very well crafted piece of black metal history that will carry on its reign of terror for years to come. For fans of Burzum, Emperor, and Mayhem!

-Daniel Damnation