Akercocke "Words That Go Unspoken…Deeds That Go Undone" Review

Once again gothic/death metal band Akercocke has returned with a new album that I am more than excited to be reviewing. Over the past few years these guys have began to get more recognition and that is a good thing because they truly deserve it. On this album like their previous efforts they bring a unique style of music that combines the better parts of death metal and gothic metal to make a beautifully brutal album. The band brings you through death metal the pummels you into dust and then transitions into a more progressive rock style that transcends the barriers that most metal bands do not dare to cross. The vocals on this album are like how they were on their past efforts with brutally charging death grunts that are mixed with clean gothic, and the musical part of this album can get very intense and then ease into a melodic almost hypnotizing trance. Overall this is an amazing album from one of the metal scenes most unique bands that are not afraid to go beyond the barrier. For fans of Opeth, Novembers Doom, and The Living Fields.

-Daniel Damnation