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Poltergeist 3 (1988/Blu-ray/Scream Factory) Review

Poltergeist 3 is the final chapter in the trilogy and it follows Carol Anne as she goes to stay with her Aunt and Uncle in Chicago. Things seem to be going alright for Carol Anne as she settles in at her Uncle's house. Not long after arriving she has a session with a hypnotherapist which causes the vile poltergeist Reverend Kane to find Carol Anne once again. This time he has a much bigger playing ground to use to capture Carol Anne once and for all. Will she survive this nightmare once again or will Kane finally have her in his grasp and take her to the light finally?!

Poltergeist 2: The Other Side (1986/Blu-ray/Scream Factory) Review

Poltergeist 2 follows the Freeling family after the occurrences of the first film. This time around they are now living with a family member and trying to get everything back to normal. Little Carol Anne is finally being able to be a kid again. Unfortunately the peace they have found is soon going to turn into back into the nightmare they barely escaped before. After a visit from a creepy old man named Reverend Kane the families terror starts once again. Reverend Kane and his fellow minions will stop at nothing to get Carol Anne to join them on the other side! With the help of a native american they will take on Kane and save their daughter once again!

Violent Shit Movie Collection Coming To DVD From Synapse Films!


"Dead West (2017/DVD/RLJ Entertainment)" Review

Dead West follows a charismatic serial killer that is going from town to town in the search of true love. After he kills the wrong girl he goes from being the hunter into the hunted and is pursued by the victims brother. Will he turn the tables around and get away with the brother being another one of his victims or will he finally get the justice towards him that he deserves?

"The Monster (2016/Blu-ray/Lionsgate)" Review

The Monster follows a mother and daughter who have an accident while traveling down a dark and deserted road. While they are waiting for help they notice that there is something out in the woods other than animals. Things go from bad to worse when they come in contact with the thing in the woods.The mother and daughter must try to survive the night and escape this living nightmare.

"Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966/Blu-ray/Synapse Films)" Review

 Mike (Harold P. Warren) and Maggie (Diane Mahree), on a road trip with their daughter and family dog, take a wrong turn in Texas and become trapped at a weird lodge inhabited by a polygamous pagan cult. They soon find themselves in the middle of a power struggle between caretaker Torgo (John Reynolds), cult leader The Master (Tom Neyman), and two warring factions of the Master’s wives. As the family tries to escape, the worshipers of “Manos” decide their fate…

"Phantasm: Ravager (2016/Blu-ray/Well Go USA)" Review

 Phantasm: Ravager follows Reggie as he is in search of his friend Mike who he swore to protect. In his search for Mike he must fight from one alternative reality to another while being hunted down by the relentless Tall Man. Will he be able to escape this fight with his life and sanity intact or will he succumb to the Tall Man and his legion army of killer flying spheres?!

"Basket Case 3: The Progeny (1991/Blu-ray/Synapse Films)" Review

This is the 3rd and final chapter in the Basket Case trilogy and I have to say that it goes out with a bang! This time around Duane and Belial are dealing with the upcoming birth of Belials children, as well as a fight with the local police who catch wind of the babies and decide to kidnap them. If I've learned anything from the past 2 films it would be that you don't fuck with Belial or his family because he will tare you apart! Belial brings hell to their doorstep in a gore filled finale!



"Basket Case 2 (1990/Blu-ray/Synapse Films)" Review

For a film fan like me the original Basket Case is one of m takes place my favorite comedy tinged horror films of all time. What we have here is the much more comedy filled sequel that takes place right after the happenings of the first. This film was released 8 years after the original which could of hurt the film, but honestly it didn't. I say that because for the scope of the special effects and make-up it was good that they had a bigger budget and more advanced ways of doing them. Anyway let's cut into this morbid carcass and see what it has to offer!

"I Drink Your Blood (1971/Blu-ray/Grindhouse Releasing)" Review

David Durston hardly seems to be the most likely candidate to have directed one of the most genuinely transgressive films of the 1970’s, judging by his docile looks and self-deprecating demeanor, but alas – with his darkly humorous magnum opus I DRINK YOUR BLOOD – this is exactly the case. Perhaps best known as the first non-pornographic film to be branded with an X-rating, the film has lived many lives over the decades following its initial theatrical run, and not all of them were particularly pretty.

"Burial Ground (1980/Blu-ray/Severin Films)" Review

Those who love trash cinema know they’re playing a dangerous game, that the majority of gems to be unearthed from such prolonged excursions can only be attained by sifting through lots and lots of sheer dreck. A great deal of time is wasted just to get to the good stuff, but these people would surely attest to the belief that individually magnificent sleaze masterworks – the diamonds in the rough, emphasis on the latter – make it worth the effort, however daunting.

"31 (2016/Blu-ray/Lionsgate Ent.)" Review

This is the newest film from director/musician Rob Zombie and if your familiar with his work than you will know what to expect. What you get is a bunch of white trash characters put in a situation against another group of evil trashy characters. For me that spells out a great time! I think I fit more in the minority when it comes to this film because I actually enjoyed this one. It's sick, intense and simply brutal! Is it his best film? No. Is it sickly enjoyable? Yes! Let's dig into this grease painted corpse and see what it has to offer!

"The Exorcist 3 (1990/Blu-ray/Scream Factory)" Review

In 1990, William Peter Blatty – author of the original source material that served as the basis for William Friedkin’s masterpiece of sheer celluloid terror, THE EXORCIST – set out to adapt one of his own novels for the screen. 1983’s LEGION was an intriguing hodgepodge of serial killer mystery-thriller and straight-up possession horror; the latter being only appropriate seeing as the novel was conceived as a sequel to THE EXORCIST itself.

"Phantasm: Remastered (1979/Blu-ray/Well Go USA)" Review

Phantasm is a film that I was shown by my Dad when I was young, it thrilled me and scared me then and it continues to do so to this day. It was one of the first horror films that I seen that had a very dark and brooding atmosphere combined with tension that just got tighter and never gives in, even into it's shock filled ending. I have always loved the imagination and originality that this film and it's sequels brought to the screen. Now I can't say that everybody is going to like this film because it is simply something beyond what most film goers really like. Anyways lets get into this review and see what this film and release have to offer!

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (1973/Blu-ray/Scream Factory) Review

Richie Bridgestone’s parents are getting a divorce, but that’s the least of his problems at the moment. Richie is hoping his parents will reconsider and on a visit to his father ’s secluded cabin, he witnesses his dad being attacked by a werewolf. Much like the tale of the boy who cried wolf, no one in the town will believe Richie’s claims that his father will change into a werewolf at the next full moon. 

Theatre of Blood (1973/Blu-ray/Twilight Time) Review

Edward Lionhart (Vincent Price) is an actor who continually gets overlooked by the local critics. After being snubbed by them for the final time it pushes Edward over the edge and results in him attempting suicide. Edward is saved by a group of bums and winos and from there he plots his revenge on those who did him wrong. With Edward being presumed dead he finds ways to trick the critics into brutal yet humorous scenarious based on Shakespeare's plays in which he gets his revenge!

Bad Moon (1996/Blu-ray/Scream Factory) Review

For me when it comes to Werewolf films I have found alot that I have enjoyed and some that I have hated. Some of them go by the tried and true legend of the beast, but some stray away from that path. For the film Bad Moon they change up some of the mythology of werewolves. There are 2 big things that are changed up and those are that it does not take a full moon to change into a werewolf and it does not take just silver bullets to kill one. I kinda like that they did that because it kinda brings a more realistic feel to the film. Bad Moon is one of the first films I had seen in this sub-genre to change those aspects, I know other films like Ginger Snaps that change things up as well.

Cabin Fever (2016/Blu-ray/Scream Factory) Review

This film is the remake/reboot of the 2003 Eli Roth film of the same title which takes a more serious tone and strips down the humor. I know that the horror community is split down the middle about the original, but on thing I think everyone can agree on and that is that this is very much an unwanted and unnecessary  remake. While watching this remake I kept hoping for something new and interesting to happen, but what I got was the same film, but with different actors/actresses reciting lines from the original and playing out similar scenes to the original.

The story is exactly the same which follows a group of college students who rent out a cabin in the woods and after an encounter with a sick hermit they start to get infected one by one. Now if they would of completely started from scratch and told a new tale with new dialogue, new characters, and new scenes then I think it as a reboot could of worked. If you want what I see as a less entertaining version of Cabin Fever than I say watch this one.
They only positive thing I can say about this film is the fact that it has some pretty well executed practical effects. I wish they would of just made a sequel that cancelled out the 2nd and 3rd sequels like many films have done with other sequels. It just seems like such a waste of time, money, and talent to make a reboot of a 13 year old film. The best way I can put it is, fuck this remake and please don't waste your time with it!

-Daniel Lee

Director: Travis Z
Lead Actor/Actress:
Genre: Horror
Blu-ray Release Year: 2016
Theatrical Release Year: 2016
Time Length: 99 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Region Code: Region A
Release Company: Scream Factory
Website: www.shoutfactory.com

The Return of the Living Dead (1985/Collector's Edition Blu-ray/Scream Factory) Review

If you are a fan of horror than this film should need no introduction, but in case you have never seen it I will tell you what this film is about. Freddy (not the melted horror icon) is on his first day at a medical supply company, things are going well until Freddy and his co-worker Frank (James Karen) accidently breaks open a barrel of chemical "2-4-5 Trioxin" which causes the dead to come alive. One thing leads to another and all hell breaks loose when the dead rise from the grave in the search of brains! Meanwhile Freddy's friends are nearby and fighting for their lives as they work their way through the dead and into shelter. Will they survive this night of the living dead or will the dead consume them all!?

Lung II (2016) Review

Phil Stevens’ FLOWERS, which was given a proper release on DVD earlier last year by the ever-reliable Unearthed Films in both single and three disc editions, remains one of the more interesting films I saw in 2015; immediately registering as the kind of bold and almost dangerously personal introspective cinematic odyssey that could only have come from a singularly creative conscience. Hot off the heels of his marvelous debut comes LUNG II, which the director himself describes as a prequel of sorts as well as the middle child in a proposed trilogy; and we all know how difficult it can be to be the latter. Is this a sophomore slump or merely an extension of Stevens’ uniquely disturbing vision? Let’s jump into this autopsy immediately and find out.

Bride of Re-Animator (1989/Blu-ray/Arrow Video)

Brian Yuzna follows up his clever, cosmic-Grand Guignol debut SOCIETY with a sequel to a film,
then directed by Stuart Gordon, he had produced five years prior. Of course the sequel in question is BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR, which like its predecessor(s) has gone on to be regarded as a cult favorite – enough of one to warrant a recent release from Arrow Films, which is packed (and that’s putting it lightly). But does such a film deserve such a package, and vice versa? Let’s begin the autopsy and find out.

Sheba Baby (1975/Blu-ray/Arrow Video)

William Girdler’s SHEBA, BABY is almost like a sister film to Jack Hill’s FOXY BROWN, which itself was a sister film to the immensely entertaining COFFY. These three films were intended as vehicles for the then-up-and-coming Blaxploitation starlet Pam Grier, with the latter of the three being the most genuine whereas the other two are essentially merely products of its wake. Although they differ in quality, this is ultimately what connects the first two: they attempted to push Grier further into the spotlight. But does this money-minded decision pay off or backfire horribly? Let’s jump into the autopsy and find out.

Nightmares (1983/Blu-ray/Scream Factory) Review

Nightmares is an anthology horror film that consists of four stories. The first one is called "Terror In Topanga" which follows a woman who is desperate for cigarettes and goes out to get some even after she finds out about a killer on the loose nearby. Things go from somewhat calm to tense as she is forced to stop off at a desolate gas station. What happens next is of a classic urban legend. The second being "The Bishop of Battle" which follows J.J. Cooney who is a video game expert and hustler who decides to break his old score and finally beat the game he has an obsession over. What he is unprepared for is what happens when he finally does beat the game, now he will be playing it for his life!

The Car (1977/Blu-ray/Scream! Factory) Review

In a small town in the southwest hell has came to it in the form of a black car. Now this is not just any black car, this one is out to kill anyone in it's path. It's up to the local police to stop the homicidal phantom car. New sheriff in town Wade Parent may just be the only who can stop the reign of terror that the car is bringing down on this town. Can Wade stop this car from hell or will he and the others become the next victims?!

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987/Blu-ray/Scream Factory) Review

There are so many films that I saw as a child that I can still watch to this day and enjoy, but occasionally I find one that I watched quite a bit as a child and I watch it now and it simply does not hold up. The film we have here today is one that did not hold up well over time for me. I used to have some of the cards when I was a kid and even bought a bunch of them when they came back out a few years back also I do remember them releasing a very short lived cartoon based on these obscene cabbage patch dolls. I do have liking for this film still, but for different reasons nowadays. Let's take off the rose tinted glasses and dive into this autopsy!