The Most Dangerous Game (1932/Blu-ray/Flicker Alley) Review

I originally discovered this classic after I seen a documentary that highlighted cinema from the silent era on up through the mid 2000's. I see just that clip, but that alone with the title it had caught my attention. I ended up buying the 2007 edition put out by Legend Films that has a bonus version that is colorized by Ray Harryhausen. After watching the film for the first time I was actually impressed with what they did. Also it was interesting to watch it in color as well even though I prefer the original black and white version. Anyways on with the autopsy!

Robert Rainsford (Joel McCrea) and Eve Trowbridge (Fay Wray) both end up being the only survivors after the boat they are on crashes near an island. Upon ending up on the island they meet Count Zoroff who is a game hunter looking for the next thrill of the hunt. Things seem fine at first and Zoroff seems to be very helpful and polite, but things change for the worst after the two figure out what Zoroff is using for his new game to hunt. Will Robert and Eve survive the terror that is stalking them or will they just be another victim?!
This is one of those classics that most people I talk to have never seen before or maybe only seen it once, I personally have seen it alot. Each time I think it actually gets better and I notice things I missed before. One thing that keeps me coming back is the performances by the cast involved. It is not a big cast by any means, but I think that helps to be able to concentrate on the main characters. The three main characters consist of the protagonist Robert Rainsford which is played by the very talented Joel McCrea, then there is the other protagonist Eve Trowbridge who is played by the beautiful leading lady from King Kong Fay Wray. Last by not least is the very charismatic madman Count Zoroff which is played by the great Leslie Banks.
This film proves that you don't need to make a film 2 hours long to make it enjoyable and to be able to get the who story out. The Most Dangerous Game comes in at 63 minutes and it simply well paced and talls a great story without over bloating it with filler scenes. Along with this film you also get a very cool documentary about the voyage Edward A. Salisbury and the people he came in contact with that included real headhunters, this feature is called "Gow The Headhunter". Now I have seen alot of "mondo" films that show bizarre things from all over the world so this was alot of fun to watch as well. It may not be the greatest one I have seen, but it is still enjoyable.
The presentation of these films are great, they do come with their own flaws, but nothing too bad. For the most part there is some film damage from time to time, but I am glad to say that the film grain is still intact. I think fans of these two films will be very pleased with what they get on this release. There is also a great amount of special features which includes two full audio essays and much more to help to complete this release and make it worth the upgrade! Overall these are two great films that finally have a fantastic HD release that gives the films justice!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Irving Pichel & Ernest B. Schodesack (Most Dangerous Game)/Edward A. Salisbury (Gow)
Lead Actor/Actress: Fay Wray/Joel McCrea
Genre: Action/Adventure
Blu-ray Release Year: 2012
Theatrical Release Year: 1932/1931
Time Length: 123 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Region Code: Region Free
Release Company: Flicker Alley
Website: www.flickeralley.com