4 Dead Girls: The Soul Taker (2012/DVD/Breaking Glass Pictures) Review

How I hate this film, let me count the ways. When faced with absolute evil, what do you do? What is your first response? Call an exorcist, the Catholic Church, Keanu Reeves? Where to start? And do I have to? I’ve seen many films in my time. Manos, Eegah, the works of Ed Wood, Battlefield Earth, Wild Wild West, The Room, none compare to the hell of this. A Sith Lord, a Panic Room apartment, no budget to speak of, the makers knew little about filmmaking and it shows.

This thumbs like a porno. Low angles, dingy setting, laughable dialogue, incompetence is everywhere. One gathers they couldn’t make up their mind. Skin, arty, talk, repeat. Then repeat? Where’s the spin cycle? Food fights, moaning, photoshopped mist? The villain as The Beav? Are you kidding me? Where’s Dick Smith? I need a 360. Maybe Rob Bottin. This film is a special effect. And not the good kind.
Whatever soul was there was lost on Day 1. Yes, yes, the villain is a soul sucker. Yet when the sucking is an NES effect from Mario Brothers, the sex has no sex appeal, and The Blair Witch Project has more color, you might want to rethink it. Just saying. A 7 year old could make something better. I’ve seen You Tube videos more sophisticated. This is not Night of the Living Dead. Barbara deserves an Oscar compared to this lot. Did anyone take basic acting?
The plot stumbles while crawling. No one has motivation. Lilly (Katherine Browning) and her friends never leave the set. Little but window dressing fills the scenes. The virgin, the lesbians, the hoe, around and around they go. Where they stop? No one knows. The Cabin in the Woods, The Wishmaster, if only this could be wished away. Boyfriends, math teachers, demonic phone calls, Truth or Dare without Madonna. I’d rather watch daytime.
It’s co-eds versus Pac-Man. The Hunger Games, The Truman Show, Jersey Shore, it rests on the Emperor. One by one, the girls fight to live. Chomping away, fashioning keepsakes, Delvin Chito (Mile Campbell) rents his pad to unsuspecting girls. Young, unassuming, easily corrupted, he feasts on their souls. Peeping, overseeing all, he’s got them right where he wants them. Too bad, I can’t say the same for this.
The Breaking Glass disc rates near the bottom of the heap. Substandard video is apparent from the beginning. The low production value and seeming IPhone quality to the filming doesn’t hide what’s underneath. The audio specs are unknown. The disc I received is a sampler. Despite scouring the internet, I learned nothing more. An average sound field, a poor image, interviews, deleted scenes, and SFX creation round out the disc. In short? Don’t bother.

                                                            I give this film a 0 out of 5!

-- B.L. Matthews

Directors: Mike Campbell, Todd Johnson
Lead Actor/Actress: Mike Campbell
Genre: Horror
DVD Release Year: 2013
Theatrical Release Year: 2012
Time Length: 95 minutes
Rating: NR
Region Code: A
Release Company: Breaking Glass Pictures
Website: http://bgpics.com/