Creepshow 2 (1987/Blu-ray/RLJ Entertainment) Review

As far back as I can remember I have always loved anthology horror films and the one I can remember the most is Creepshow 2. From the awesome VHS cover with the ghoulish Creeper on the front to the fun tales held within. Now on this sequel to the original Creepshow you get a total of 3 stories which each have their own great blend of camp and scares. Also there is a great wrap around story of a kid who loves comics and it even has special effects icon Tom Savini playing as the Creeper. I personally like the original wrap around story in the original Creepshow a bit more. Let the autopsy begin!

The first story in our anthology of horror is "Ol' Chief Woodenhead" which follows an older couple who owns a general store in a dying town. One day one of the people from a native american reservation bring the owner of the store some jewels and treasures to hold in case they cannot pay what they owe to him. Things turn bad when 3 local bad boys decide to rob the place which leads to the store owners dead. The wooden indian outside the shop comes to life to avenge the deaths of the store owners. I love this tale of revenge because it has it's campy moments, but also has some awesome makeup effects that they used for Ol Chief Woodenhead. This is one of many examples that shows how affective practical special effects really are.
The second story is "The Raft" which follows a group of guys and girls in their 20's that go out to a small lake to swim and hangout on a raft that is in the middle of this lake. After getting stoned and having fun things go from good to bad when a black looking thing starts attacking and eating each one of them. As they each try to survive they things become more and more bleak. Now this story I did like because it was just fun and it kind of is like a slasher film with this mysterious thing that is killing them off one by one. Also there is some decent T&A to be seen. One of the coolest deaths in this one is when the jock guy gets pulled down in through the raft and it practically bends him in half. Also I like when one of the girls is being taken away by the creature and she is covered in the creatures black slime of a body. This also has a damn good ending which I will never forget.
The final story in this anthology of gore and horror is "The Hitchhiker". One night a socialite woman is one her way home in a hurry because she over slept at a guys house who she is having an affair with. Being caught up in her own little world and problems she accidentally runs over a hitchhiker. She runs in a panic hoping to get home quickly, but things are not going to be that easy for this self absorbed woman. Along the way she becomes haunted by the hitchhiker who is determined to make her pay for what she has done! This is a great ending story to this anthology. It also has one line in it that I will never forget and that is "Thanks for the ride lady!". Also I really like the final look of the hitchhiker which you can tell is basically a hand puppet. If you wanna go on a fun ride that does have a good deal of thrills then you will enjoy this segment.
Now when it comes to the presentation I think it is pretty good, but could be a bit better. I will say that it does look the best I personally have ever seen. I know this film had a fairly low budget which could tie into the look of the film. I think fans of this film will be pleased enough with what they get from this release. Now the only thing I am let down by is the lack of special features. Which makes me want to keep my older special edition DVD that anchor bay released a couple years back. Overall this is a good upgrade and is one of the funnest horror anthologies I have ever seen!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Michael Gornick
Lead Actor/Actress: V/A
Genre: Horror/Anthology
Blu-ray Release Year: 2013
Theatrical Release Year: 1987
Time Length: 89 mins.
Rating: R
Region Code: Region A
Release Company: RLJ Entertainment
Website:  www.rljentertainment.com