Body Bags (1993/Blu-ray&DVD Combo/Scream Factory) Review

Body Bags was originally setup to be a weekly show, but due to it going to be made with way less money and made in Canada this show never happened and instead what we got was a great horror anthology. If you are like me and love a good horror anthology then I think you will love this. This anthology is comprised of 3 stories as well as a wraparound story that has John Carpenter playing a corpse that talks in between each story and sets each of them up. He is kind of like the cryptkeeper but is way cooler and it being an actual person playing the character it makes it that much more realistic. Yeah I know that does not matter, but it does make it more likeable.

(The Gas Station) The first story in this anthology of horror is about a college student who takes a job as a clerk at remote gas station. With her being in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night things seem to bother her that much more. From a drunken weirdo (played by director Wes Craven) to a handsome normal guy there seems to be an interesting range of people stopping by. Things go from tense to insane quickly after a homeless man is found dead and someone seems to be stalking her. This is a very cool story that is held together by some damn good actors/actresses who work well off one another. I especially who they used as the killer, I have never seen him play that type of role before this film. Overall this is a damn good story filled with plenty of suspense and great tension.
(Hair) The second story is follows Richard Coberts (Stacey Keach) who is a man who is obsessed with his hair loss and seems to be willing to do anything to get it back. One day he sees a commercial on TV for a new hair growth treatment. He decides to get the treatment and afterwards everything seems to be going his way. Not long after his treatment he starts to notice that the hair is growing at a crazy rate and is starting to grow in the weirdest places. Soon enough he finds out that this new treatments is more than he could of expected. Of the three stories on here this one made me squirm more than anything because there is one scene where he has this long hair coming out of his mouth which would make me gag like crazy. Also Stacey Keach does an awesome job like he always seems to do. Overall this is a great story and does have some good humor.
(Eye) The third and final story follows Brent Matthews (Mark Hamill) who is a baseball player who ends up losing his eye in an accident. For him he luckily is able to get an eye transplant. Things seem to be going better as he adjusts to having a new eye, but when he starts to see gruesome visions things start to go bad quickly. Not only does he start to see these morbid visions he also starts to change and become more violent. Soon enough he finds out that the eye that he received was from a violent killer and he only has one option to stop the visions and that is to cast the eye out! This is a very good ending to this anthology and Mark Hamill does an awesome job at taking his character from normal mild mannered to violent and sadistic. This also has an awesome ending.
Overall this is a great anthology that is packed with great actors and actresses as well as some very cool cameos by Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven, Greg Nicotero, and Tom Arnold. The presentation of this release is simply excellent. It is finally presented in the original aspect ratio which is leaps and bounds better than the older DVD release. Also there is some very cool special features which include individual audio commentaries on each segment as well as a retrospective on the making of the film which is very informative. Overall if you like this film as much as I do then I suggest you pick up this release!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: John Carpenter & Tobe Hooper
Lead Actor/Actress: Lucy Boryer, Stacey Keach, and Mark Hamill
Genre: Horror/Anthology
Blu-ray Release Year: 2013
Theatrical Release Year: 1993
Time Length: 95 mins.
Rating: Unrated
Region Code: Region A/1
Release Company: Scream Factory
Website:  www.shoutfactory.com