"Street Trash: Special Meltdown Edition (1987/Blu-ray/Synapse Films)" Review

When I try to think of a film that has plenty of filth, gore, dark humor, and slime I can't help but think of the underground cult film Street Trash! The first time I saw this film was a few years back and it was when I picked up the "Special Meltdown Edition" DVD. Since then I have watched this film so many times. Street Trash is also my favorite release that has ever come from Synapse Films. With that being said lets get into this autopsy!

Street Trash follows two brothers who have been on the street for a few years and things just seem to get worst between them, along with following those two there is a whole bunch of off-beat and oddball hobos. Amongst them is a vietnam vet who has more than just a few screws loose and is the leader of a group of bums. After some of the bums turn up dead a brute cop is determined to find out who or what are doing the killings.
The plot of this film is quite straightforward and doesn't waste time getting to the blood, gore, and filth which there is alot of. In alot of ways I can see why this film didn't do amazing when it came to it's short release in theaters, but turn around and get a cult following years later. This film is very offbeat and shows the darkside of the streets but does it in such a wild and over the top way. First off for the most part when someone is killed by the Tenafly Viper they meltdown into a colorful ooze which in my eyes is simply awesome and genius. On the other hand when the older brother takes a drunken woman home after things don't work out a group of depraved junkyard bums rape and kill the woman. As you can see there is an odd balance of horror and comedy which makes this a perfect dark comedy.
The characters are like I stated before vast, but really there is only a couple of ones that Street Trash really follows. Fred (older brother), Kevin (younger brother), Bronson (king of the bums), and Bill (cop). Those four are also my favorite characters aside from Ed the liquor store owner who finds and sells them the deadly liquor Viper. The characters are seriously some of the most off the wall ones I have seen in a film like this one. Each are different in their own way and each also take them film in different directions to keep the film fresh all the way through.
Like I said before the gore is very colorful, but it is also very brutal as well. One of my favorite gore scenes is when Bronson is trying to kill Fred and this propane canister is shot off at Bronson and it decapitates his head off. That scene is very brutal and blows me away each time I see it. The gore is very top notch and really is some of the best from the time this film was made and for the budget it had. Basically if you want some damn good gore I suggest you pick this film up because I don't think it will disappoint. Overall this is a damn good film and if you have not ran across it yet then you need to seriously give it a chance because this film deserves it!
The presentation on this release is top notch and perfect for this film. Even though they did a good job of making this film look good for this release it still has the feel and look that gives this film it's filthy charm. The film grain like expected is still intact and the colors are bold and stand out well. The audio is great as well and is very clear. The special features are the same as the older "meltdown edition" DVD, but there is blu-ray exclusives that include deleted scenes and a video interview with Jane Arakawa. This is another great release from one of the best cult film companies in the world!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Jim Muro
Lead Actor/Actress: Mike Lackey
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Blu-ray Release Year: 2013
Theatrical Release Year: 1987
Time Length: 102 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Region Code: Region Free
Release Company: Synapse Films
Website: www.synapse-films.com