"Power Rangers Samurai: Halloween Bash (2012/DVD/Lions Gate Ent.) HM Review

Review: This is the first review that will be an "honorable mention review" which is a shorter and much more basic review for those harder to lengthen review films. Anyways what I we have here is a 3 episode compilation of 1 Power Rangers Samurai Halloween episode and 2 original series Power Rangers Halloween episodes.
The first episode is basically villains that the Power Rangers have beaten before are having a Halloween party and they are each sharing how the rangers beat them. That is basically the whole episode. The other 2 are as I said Halloween episodes, but the one that stands out to me of the 2 is one where they face off against Frankenstein's monster. Being a horror fan that is simply awesome, my favorite monster against a show from my childhood. Overall this is a pretty cool set, but don't spend out too much for it because like I said all you get is 3 episode!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Various
Genre: TV/Kids/Action
DVD Release Year: 2012
Syndication Years: 2011/1993
Time Length: 65 mins.
Company: Lions Gate Ent.