"God Bless America (2011/Blu-ray/Magnolia Home Ent.)" Review

Review: Have you ever flipped through the channels and landed on a station that has a show based around a group of idiotic fake tan New Jersey fucktards and wondered, what would it be like to be able to kill them and shut them up? Well in some ways this film does that for you but without anyone really dying or going to jail. Actor/Writer/Director Bobcat Goldthwait has brought us one of the freshest and coolest black comedies that is filled with plenty of satire.

 God Bless America follows Frank who is a man who is divorced, has a brat kid, and just got fired. What more could go wrong in his life? Oh yeah he just found out he has an inoperable brain tumor. With nothing left to lose Frank decides while watching TV with a gun in his mouth that he has had it with society. Frank decides to take out the filth of this world one bullet at a time with a partner that is a angry 17 year old girl who is simply crazy. Their main target is those celebrities who irritate and do nothing good for this world. In alot of ways this film kinda reminds me of Falling Down (1993) where a man with nothing to lose goes on a rampage through a city after he gets fed up with life and society. God Bless America takes a more comical take on that type of story and makes it a lot more fun and less serious.
 Just remember when you go into this film that it is not supposed to be taken as one that promotes violence or killing. Most of you will not, but some people will but most likely those who are buddies with Tipper Gore.The cast on this film of great black humor consist of Joel Murray (Hatchet) as Frank our lovable assassin of idiots, Tara Lynne Barr as our cute little psychopath Roxy. The rest of the cast does have some recognizable faces but for the most part the two I mentioned are the main characters that you will see on screen. I really hope I get a chance to see both of those actors as leads in more films in the future. I have seen Joel Murray on so many shows and I absolutely loved his character Shapiro in Hatchet and was thrilled when I heard he was going to be the lead. As far as Tara Lynne Barr goes I honestly have never seen her before, but she did blow me away with her performance.
I have only seen two other film before this that Bobcat directed and those were Shakes The Clown which was hilarious and World's Greatest Dad which was also hilarious and had a dark comedy theme to it as well. When done right dark comies can be masterpieces, which is hard to accomplish but Bobcat hit a home run! I will be looking for his other films to checkout, keep up the excellent work Bobcat! Overall this is one of the best comedies I have seen recently along the side of Some Guy Who Kills People which was also an amazing dark comedy! Highly Fucking Recommended!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Genre: Comedy/Dark Comedy
Blu-ray Release Year: 2012
Theatrical Release Year: 2012
Time Length: 105 mins.
Company: Magnolia Home Entertainment
Website: www.magpictures.com

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