"The Deadly Spawn (1983/Blu-ray/Elite Entertainment)" Review

Review: I first heard about this film getting it's debut release onto blu-ray a few months back and at first I was excited, then I got a little more curious as how this release was going to look especially since Synapse Films (which has a great track record in my book for doing great HD releases) was not going to be doing the release, but instead Elite Entertainment. Well it's finally here and I must say this a mixed bag release. I will get into that but first I want to give a rundown of the film for those who have never seen it.

The film starts off with a meteor crashing to earth and after a pair of campers find it they are devoured by the creature that was on the meteor. After having it's midnight snack the creature finds it's way to a nearby house where it takes shelter in the basement. From there the "Deadly Spawn" starts killing off one person after another as grows bigger and bigger. It's up to a group of kids to take down the vile creature before it consumes them and the world around them. With a plot like that how can you go wrong!
Being a huge fan of creature features like I have stated before, I was excited the first time I heard of The Deadly Spawn. I quickly searched for a copy and found out that Synapse Films had released it and I quickly picked it up. From that first viewing I was hooked and this film became one of my all time favorite sci-fi/horror films. It's like a 50's monster movie splattered with barrels of gore and blood and a bad ass monster to top it off. The monster is in ways like a leech on steroids with multiple heads and only will be able to attack you if you make noises and movements, yes just like the creatures from Tremors. Now when it comes to the human characters the best one in my eyes is the younger boy who loves horror films. The only thing I wish they would of done is make a sequel because the ending left it open for one! Overall this was a very cool film that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
Now for the part that alot of fans of the film want to know, is it worth the upgrade? Well it all depends on your taste when it comes to picture image. My problems with this release are exactly with that. Now things like some of the colors a whatnot are just fine and at times do pop very well. If your picky like me then the large amounts of film damage may possibly get to you, for me I was able to handle that aspect, but the thing that drove me nuts is that the film seems like it has an odd blur to it which I noticed while watching on both my computer and my HD TV. I am not sure if that's normal but it really killed this release for me. To me it's not completely unwatchable, but I really wish that Elite would of took more time on cleaning up the film damage. In the end I really wish Synapse would of done this release!
Aside from the bad picture quality you do get all the same special features from the older release, but with a newly done commentary. If I was you I would still hold onto those older Synapse dvd's of The Deadly Spawn! Overall this is a great low budget horror film on a mixed bag release.

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Douglas McKeown
Genre: Horror/Sci-fi
Blu-ray Release Year: 2012
Theatrical Release Year: 1983
Time Length: 81 mins.

Company: Elite Entertainment/MVD Visual
Website: http://mvdb2b.com/
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