"The Last Circus (2010/Magnolia Home Entertainment)" Review

Review: Insanity is the only way I could possibly begin to describe what this film is, it's been quite sometime since I have laid my eyes on a film that is as crazy as this one is. It starts off with a small circus being raided by military men and them making the clowns and other performers fight along them against the rebels and next thing you know it you see a clown in full clown attire with a sword kicking some ass, how fucking cool is that! Then it slows down a bit to get our main character Javier to start his part of the story, but it goes crazy once again after Javier is tempted by a fellow performer Natalia that is a couple with the abusive and psychotic lead happy clown Sergio.

I can easily say that this is one of my favorite clown themed films to ever be made, I know there is not a ton of them but this one certainly tops most of them. It's kinda hard to really categorize The Last Circus because it has so many layers to it that really prevent it from being stuck in any certain genre. There are elements of horror, action, drama, romance, and even some comedy from time to time, but that is the only really scarce element of the film. Each one of the characters have great actors playing them, each one comes off perfectly as they were meant to be weather it's Javier who is a very shy and kinda timid guy who has a much darker side than anyone would of thought or Sergio who takes on more of the abusive drunk who loves his job as a clown but deals with his own demons which cause him to do things any normal person wouldn't.
Basically you get great characters that work well together in the world that surrounds them, no matter how fucked their world gets. The style and look of the film is great as well, it stays more with a kinda washed out dreary look that works perfectly for a film like this one. I think the best part of the film besides everything else that goes on in it is the ending, it has one of the best endings that any film of this bizarre magnitude should have! Trust me I won't give it off to those who have not experienced this film yet but those who have will know what I am talking about!
Overall this is the best film I have seen this year hands down! I am not fucking kidding when I say this, I am dead serious! If you are looking for something original that takes you onto a journey into madness then this is the perfect film for you to pick up and experience, I say experience because that is exactly what it is! Fuck films like "Tree of Life", go for films like The Last Circus!

Picture: 5/5 Audio:5/5 Special Features: 5/5 Movie: 5/5

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Alex De La Iglesia
Genre: Horror/Action/Exploitation/Drama
Blu-Ray/DVD Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year:2010
Time Length: 101 mins.
Company: Magnolia Home Entertainment
Website: www.magpictures.com