"Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore (2010/Something Weird Video)" Review

Review: At last someone has finally decided to make a documentary about Herschell Gordon Lewis who essentially started a new sub-genre of horror known as "gore films", that pushed the boundaries of the horror genre for it's time and influenced so many other filmmakers to do the same! My personal intro into the world Herscell Gordon Lewis was with his film "Two Thousand Maniacs" which I had heard about so many times before a friend of mine lended me his DVD copy of it and after my viewing I was hooked.

If you are not familiar with Herschell's work then basically what he did to the horror genre is take it away from the "invisible gore" & "red spot gore" and went out and got some animal innards and used them to make up the aftermath after the butchery was done which helped to make true gore.You can tell this documentary was made by true fans of his as well as people who enjoyed working with him. One of the men behind this documentary is cult filmmaker Frank Henenlotter who even gives his input as well which I can't get enough of hearing. They picked a great cast of people to talk about Herschell's career which is composed of former cast and crew who worked with him as well as John Waters, Joe Bob Briggs and the man himself Herschell Gordon Lewis. All of which I loved to hear speak and could of went on another 2 hours of listening to.

Now even though I am not into the "Nudie Cutie" films I did still like to hear about what he did and how he contributed to that genre of film. In some ways he is kinda like  Ed Wood because of his ability to produce films fast and cheap in a few days, but in my opinion alot better. Now I don't personally look at his films as masterpieces, but I do see them as very fuckin' entertaining! There is honestly nothing I can say bad about this documentary, it was made perfectly by a group of people who care for and love his films! Bottom line is that if you are a fan of Herschell's film then you have to go out and pick this one up now! I am serious go now and get it!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Frank Henenlotter/Jimmy Maslon
Genre: Documentary
DVD Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 2010
Time Length: 106 mins.
Company:Image Entertainment/ Something Weird Video
Website: www.image-entertainment.com