"Act of Vengeance (1974/MGM Limited Edition Collection)" Review

Synopsis: Five raped women band together to form a "Rape Squad"...to avenge themselves on the sadistic man who attacked them and who gets off by forcing the women to sing "Jingle Bells" as he assaults them.

Review: Believe it or not there is a rape revenge sub-genre out there and it is filled with plenty of shocking films that do push the boundaries, but sadly Act of Vengeance is not one of them and actually goes into being quite stupid and just plain dumb. Well to start off the plot is as weird as they come, they have a guy who goes around stalking women and then sexually assaulting them while making them sing jingle bells as he assaults them which is painfully retarded and not to mention he wears a hockey mask and a jumpsuit which yes was before the Friday The 13th series. When I originally heard what the rapist was going to do I thought it was going to be much more dark, but like I said before it turns out very stupid.
The other things that bothered me was that they made almost every single guy seem like they just want to rape women and assault them, which in real life is dead wrong. Also the women who form a "rape squad" seem to want to attack every man they see which I could see someone being deeply effected if they were raped but they took it too far in this film. I mainly wish they would of taken it in a much more serious direction than they did, this film failed where others like it succeeded. One example of one that truly succeeded was "I Spit On Your Grave (aka Day of the Woman)" in which it took a very serious route and showed the brutality of rape.
Honestly I couldn't find any redeeming factors in this film, granted they did leave you wondering a bit on who was the serial rapist but that is all it achieved. Basically if the subject of rape is going to be in a film then I either want it to be serious or controversial, not like this film did. I say that because it is a serious matter and should be held in serious regard. Overall this is a very bad film that tried to be different but just ended up being a failed effort in film history. I give it a 0/5.

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Robert Kelljchian
Genre: Drama
DVD Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 1974
Time Length: 90 mins.
Company: MGM Home Entertainment
Website: www.mgm.com