"Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver (2011/Full Moon Ent.)" Review

Review: Once again the man from the baking pan is back, but this time he is back in 1976 and ready for a disco slaughter! Like you would expect cheesiness does fill this movie with bad acting, one liners, and some pop culture references that I did not expect. Basically the plot goes like this, the film starts out with an investigator named Clarissa Darling (yes like from Clarissa Explains It All) who goes to see the Gingerdead Man in a jail for homicidal baked goods and when things go bad he is freed and finds his way to a science lab where he uses a time machine to escape and ends up in a roller disco in 1976 where he goes on a murderous rampage!

 First off I will point out the references I noticed. First off the film starts off like Silence of the Lambs with a character named Clarissa Darling like the main character in the hit 90's TV show  "Clarissa Explains It All", the other thing I noticed is there is a character named Ingrid who looks alot like Miss Balbricker from "Porky's". Now as far as the acting goes you basically get a range of very bad acting to some pretty good acting from a few.You also get a small role as a disco DJ by Selene Luna (My Bloody Valentine 3D/Demonic Toys 2) and a bigger role from well known female impersonator Kent Fuher(Flawless) as Trixie.
 When it comes to the special effects you basically get a mix between practical and CGI, now for the practical effects they all look awesome especially the Gingerdead Man I think he continues to look better and better in each film and even as much as I loved Gary Busey doing the voice in the first film I actually kinda like John Carl Buechler doing the voice a little more this time around. The CGI effects alot of the time are very cheap looking, but for the most part they work perfectly with this film. I honestly don't expect the CGI to look amazing in a lower budget film like this, instead I expect good one liners, boobs, sex, death, and a bad-ass character like the Gingerdead Man!
Overall this is a great effort on Full Moons part and a worth film to go along with the previous two, if your a fan of the others than I highly recommend you go and pick this one up now!

Picture: 5/5 Audio:4/5 Special Features: 1/5 Movie:4.5/5

 -Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: William Butler
Genre: Horror
DVD Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 2011
Time Length: 78 mins.
Company: Full Moon Entertainment
Website: www.fullmoondirect.com