"Children of the Corn 3: Urban Harvest (1995/Blu-Ray)" Review

Review: Soon after a childless couple adopts a pair of orphaned brothers, it becomes alarmingly clear the boys are much more than they seem. With the immense power to hypnotize schoolmates into mindless followers and destroy any adult opposition, the younger boy continues the frightening campaign of terror that began in Children of the Corn. But there is one person—the brave older brother—who can possibly stop the relentless destruction, setting up a powerful final showdown between good and evil.

Of all the COTC sequels this has been the one that I have always liked since my first viewing back in 1995. This one came right out on the heels of the 2nd film and honestly feels different in many ways to me and that could be mainly dealing with the setting of the film or just that they were done by 2 different directors. Either way I honestly think this one stands up strong just like the second film did along the side of the original. It very much has that early 90's feel to the film like many others in the horror genre did during that time, if you are not sure what the feel of an early 90's film is then checkout films like "Brainscan", "Ghost In The Machine", and "Ice Cream Man". Maybe I'll have to do a whole other article on early 90's horror.

Anyways, Let's get more onto what everyone reading this really wants to know and that is, is this blu-ray really worth the upgrade or should I keep my older DVD release? Well I have to honestly say that if I was you I would stick with your older DVD release because the ball was dropped on this BR release! To me it's not the film grain (because I love grain in my movies), it was the overall look of the picture. It just looks horrible and to top it off they did a 1080i transfer for some very odd reason. I know these are supposed to be a budget release, but there should of been a little more care taken into bringing this film to BR.

Overall I would easily give this film a 3.5 out of 5, but I would give the overall BR a 1.5 out of 5 and that's just because it has this film on the disc. By if you want to but I am warning you that you may not like what lurks on this release!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: James D.R. Hickox
Genre: Horror
Blu-Ray Release Year: 2011
Release Year: 1995
Time Length: 91 mins.
Company: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Website: www.echobridgehe.com