"Highway To Heaven: Season 1(1984)" Review

Review: This series is based around an angel named Jonathan Smith played by Michael Landon (Little House On The Prairie) who goes from place to place to help out people as a mission from The Boss (aka God). He is accompanied by a down on his luck ex-cop Mark Gordon (Victor French) to help him in helping those in need.

This show has been a long time favorite of mine and even being someone who is not religious I still find this show to be great. There is a wide range of emotions and entertainment going on in every episode. You get a good amount of humor along with the drama to help balance out the show and not keep it too serious all the time. The characters of Jonathan and Mark play out very much like that of The Odd Couple. Mark is a more serious and street smart guy who has lost his faith in humanity and Jonathan is more like a naive not so street wise man with strong faith in humanity which works as a good combination for both humor and conflict.
Some of my favorite episodes from this season are "Return of the Masked Rider", "To Touch The Moon", and "Catch a Falling Star". Like every series there are some episodes that are not the greatest which has never killed how I feel about a show ever. Overall this is a great show especially for those times that you just need an uplift and a good laugh after a long day. I highly recommend this to anyone with a pulse and who just want to watch a good show!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Michael Landon (On Almost All The Episodes)
Genre: TV/Drama/Comedy
DVD Release Year: 2011
TV Year: 1984
Approx. Time Length: 20 Hrs.+Extras
Company: A&E/New Video
Website: www.aetv.com