"S&MAN (2006/Bu-Ray)" Review

Review: I have been having a hard time truly trying to figure out what type of film this really is because basically it's a documentary about underground horror films that are faux snuff films and trash sub-genres, but it also mixes in a sub-plot about a fake director by the name of Eric Rost (played by Erik Marcisak). They interview such underground director's as Fred Vogel and Bill Zebub along with a few other specialists. I have watched this film 3 times and oddly enough I still am unsure if I like it because I love the fact that it's supposed to be a documentary about underground voyeuristic horror ,but I am still not sure if what Fred Vogel or Bill Zebub are saying is real or scripted. I go more on the side that it's not ,but it's too hard to really tell at times. Other than that I do like the sub-story about Eric because it goes into some creepy territory and really makes you think about the fact that someone could quite possibly really kill someone on camera and labeled as a faux snuff film and get away with it, which is much more scarier than anything a fictional horror film could do. None the less this film is wisely crafted and really makes you think about the world around you. Being a fan of the faux snuff/trash cinema genres I did like to hear what the director's had to say as well as even see a little bit of behind the scenes footage of Bill Zebub's film. I think most people will either be highly entertained or hit with a reality check and scared out of their mind after they view this film, either way I think everyone will get something out of this film. I also want to add that there is a good amount of special features including 2 commentaries and one of them is with the director and the character Eric Rost!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: JT Petty
Genre: Documentary/Horror
DVD Release Year: 2010
Theatrical Release Year: 2006
Time Length: 85 mins.
Company: Magnolia Pictures
Website: www.magnoliapictures.com