"How The Earth Was Made: Season One (2009)" Review

Review: In this series made by the History Channel they delve into how many major landforms, cities, lakes where actually formed. Like other series that they have made before you get a very detailed walk through that doesn't get overly hard to follow. Once again being a person who always wonders how things work and how they were made or formed I was really excited to be able to watch this show. Unlike the Ancient Aliens series that I reviewed before I actually had to pace myself when I was watching this show because as much as it was interesting I still had give myself some time to let it soak in a bit. People who are into science like myself will absolutely love this series especially if you are filled with wonder like myself. Also like alot of their other series this one is also comprised of real and CGI examples of how things happened. The episode that I enjoyed the most was the one about the great lakes because being from Michigan it makes it that much more awesome to learn about how they were formed. Overall this was a pretty cool show that seriously will teach you alot of stuff you probably never even knew and will open your eyes to the power of the world around you!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: N/A
Genre: History/Education
Blu-Ray Release Year: 2010
TV Release Year: 2009
Time Length: 10 hrs. 11 mins.
Company: History Channel
Website: www.history.com