"Suck (2009) (Blu-Ray)" Review

Synopsis: A bottom-shelf bar band gets a second shot at the big time when they're transformed into vampires and start to develop a loyal following. Joey (Rob Stefaniuk) fronts The Winners, a go-nowhere rock group accustomed to playing empty bowling alleys and deserted bars. They've never had a hit, and their manager Jeff (Dave Foley) voids them like the plague. Dumped by his girlfriend and advised by a sinister bartender (Alice Cooper) to simply snuff it, Joey keeps plugging away at his dreams until the one fateful night when everything changes. Hours after disappearing to an after party with a creepy goth guy (Dimitri Coats), sexy bass player Jennifer (Jessica Paré) shows up lacking more pigment than usual. Before long the Winners are dining on groupies, and dominating the charts. But their success has come at a particularly high price, and when Joey has the opportunity to set things right, he prepares to make the biggest decision of his life.

Review: Since I have been reviewing movies nothing has almost scared me away from wanting to watch a film more than what is written on the back cover of this films and it says "twilight meets true blood with a dash of rock star", to someone who is a fan of vampire films those combination of words makes it seem like this film is going to literally suck. Luckily I looked past what that had said and I actually watched the film because it turned out to be awesome. Just from the cast listing alone I should of known how awesome this one was going to be because you get some great musicians like Alice Cooper, Moby, Iggy Pop, and Henry Rollins to name a few as well as cult icon Malcolm McDowell who plays as Eddie Van Helsing. Other than the more famous people in this film I must say that I loved the actors who played the musicians in the band that the story surrounds. I have seen some of them in other films before but I can't remember which ones. I must warn you though that if you are expecting to get a serious vampire film then you will be let down because this one is more of a spoof type of film ,but made better than most spoof films. One really cool thing that they do in this film that is done in a couple of spots is that when it shows their driving to a different location they use models and miniature cars instead of showing them really driving. I can seriously see this film gaining a cult following the more the word gets out about this film! Overall this is a fun vampire film that takes the vampire genre and turn it on it's head!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Rob Stefaniuk
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Blu-Ray/DVD Release Year: 2010
Theatrical Release Year: 2009
Time Length: 96 mins. + Extras
Company: E1 Entertainment