"Paintball: Play To Survive (2008)" Review

Synopsis: During a serious paintball competition, eight strangers fall under life-threatening attack by an invisible enemy in the woods. Reluctant to trust each other but too afraid to be alone, the group members struggle to make it through the ordeal alive.

Review: In this film you are taken into a game of paintball that could cost you more than a few bruises, it could cost you your life. At first when this film started I thought I was just getting into a film that would be something that was nothing too good or worth watching again ,but I realized quite quickly that my initial  thoughts on this film were wrong. What you get is a story that in some ways is kind of a mixture between the cult classic "Battle Royale" and the 1932 classic "The Most Dangerous Game". Now I am not saying this film is exactly like both of them but I can say it has alot of similarities to them. This film actually kept me on the edge of my seat because every time you turn around there is another twist to the story ,but it doesn't go to the point of making this film hard to keep up with or confusing. The pacing for the most part is fast ,but there are points at in which it does slow it's self just enough to let you catch up with what is going on. When it comes to the cast I have to say that they did pick some good actors that brought some really strong roles to the film. Overall this was a pretty intense film that really brings a fresh breath back to the action/thriller genres and will assault your senses!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Daniel Benmayor
Genre: Action/Thriller
DVD Release Year: 2010
Theatrical Release Year: 2008
Time Length: 89 mins.
Company: IFC Films