"Mum & Dad (2009)" Review

Synopsis: When Lena, a young Polish immigrant working as an office cleaner at Heathrow Airport, misses her last bus home, she accepts an offer of help from friendly co-worker Birdie, who lives nearby with her 'adoptive' parents. Knocked unconscious after arriving at the house, Lena soon finds herself imprisoned in a suburban House of Horrors, a living nightmare of abuse, torture and murder. Designated a 'Mummy's Girl', Lena's only options appear to be to become part of the family - and join Mum and Dad in their insanity - or die.

Review: This film is one I have heard about from several people and finally I had a chance to watch it and now review it. Like many of the other films to be released in the past few years that take the gore and shock level to the highest point this one is no exception. As you follow our lead actress through the pits of very deranged hell that I call Mum & Dad's House you will witness depraved acts of physical and mental torture by the hands of four sadistic psychopaths. I really found the cast to be spot on and very well chosen and each played their role quite perfectly and eerily realistic. Like other films like this one there of course is a great payoff that I think will satisfy fans of the genre. Along with the horror elements in this film there is a revenge feel to this film as well. The plot and story I would say is nothing ground breaking but does take what it has and delivers it quite well with some great writing and directing. Overall I would have to say that this film is one to definitely checkout if you are into horror!

-Daniel Damnation

Genre: Horror, Release Year: 2009(DVD), Company: Revolver Entertainment, Website: www.revolvergroup.com & www.mumanddadthemovie.com