"Exmortem-Nihilistic Contentment" Review

Review: Exmortem have successfully blasted my face bloody with this record. This is straight up, no remorse, balls out death metal. There are no frills or soft moments moments to cushion the blow that is Nihilistic Contentment. That being said out of the group of bands that take this bludgeoning approach there are a few that come to mind that execute the sound in a more entertaining way. While Exmortem does manage to play some very memorable material they just have not yet discovered their full potential. It seems that the band might want to experiment more with the slower passages, it seems like tracks like "Black Walls Of Misery" create an intense atmosphere that if executed more often, might just give Exmortem that extra push they need to set themselves apart. Rest assured when they do find their own sound heads will roll. So all in all this album is a solid outing and hopefully a stepping stone on the path to Exmortem's future classic.

-Sadistic Shawn