"Ea- Au Ellai" Review

Review: Ea brings the last album in their trilogy based on the writings of a dead culture. They bring slow creeping melodies that slowly build an atmosphere of sorrow and grief. The synths and the fairly clean guitar tone used mesh extremely well with one another and create a solid groundwork for a great album. The vocalist has a raspy yell that sounds confined and hopeless as he slowly churns out lyrics of a forgotten language. Au Ellai has all the elements to become a classic album, but it does have a few shortcomings when all is said and done. The main thing that brings the album down is the lack of a climax, the music builds and builds and the build up is great but when the album ends the chance to reach an amazing climax was never taken. While this album is definitely worth a few listens I would recommend getting the bands first record Ea Taesse. Fans of Ea that have heard the first two albums in the trilogy should give this a listen, most will be pleased by the outcome even though it comes up short in a few areas.

-Sadistic Shawn