"Blasphemer- On the Inexistence of God" Review

Review: Holy shit was the first thing that came to my head when I hit play for this album, or should say unholy shit? Lame jokes aside Blasphemer is brutal. The vocals come in a variety of styles but the dominant style is a low spewing guttural. The amount of sheer carnage that is displayed in this album would play as the perfect soundtrack to dismembering zombies. Beyond all this chaos are some really precise and complex riffs and not to mention some kickass bass playing. The acoustic intro to "The Killing Dogma" and the title track are the only breaks you get from the explosive amount of heaviness churns out. Overall this album is diverse enough that it should appeal to a very wide audience, fans of brutal death or slam should enjoy it as well as traditional and technical death metal fans. This band is just another reason Italy is slowly rising to my favorite area for metal. Let's just hope these guys don't wait another ten years to release another full-length.

-Sadistic Shawn

Band: Blasphemer, Genre: Death Metal, Year: 2009, Label: Comatose Music