"Raventale- Mortal Aspirations" Review

Review: Raventale has truly made an album that I can see as one day being considered a doom metal classic. This band takes the classic doom sound and infuses it with driving metal riffs and dissonant death/black metal vocals to make a very epic album from start to finish. Even after only hearing this album from this band I can easily say that I would consider them to be one of my top ten all time favorite doom bands. This album is simply perfect and if your a doom fan and are reading this I highly suggest you check this album out. Now if your looking to slow and brooding doom/death metal then you may not dig this as much because this album is more on the melodic side with melodies that flow smoothly. Overall this is a fantastic album from a band on the rise and I would recommend you going and giving this one a chance.

-Daniel Damnation

Genre: Doom Metal, Label: BadMoodMan Music, Year: 2009