"Fan of the Dead" Review

Review: Being a huge fan of George A. Romero films I was really curious about this documentary I am reviewing here. Well basically this documentary follows a fellow Romero fan as he goes from location to location of the original 3 zombie films from Romero as well as locations from the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead. Along with the director Nicolas Garreau showing off the various locations he also goes on a tour of the mall from Dawn of the Dead that is lead by Ken Foree and various other former cast members of Dawn of the Dead. One of the highlights off this film was when they went to the building where they shot the basement scenes in the original Night of the Living Dead because it looked almost the same as it did in the film. Overall this a pretty cool documentary that shows some of the most historic locations in horror movie history. I would recommend this to any big Romero fan!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:Nicolas Garreau, Released By: Cheezy Flicks, Year:2008(DVD), Genre:Documentary, Website: www.cheezyflicks.com Time Length: 60 mins.