Darktrance-"Beyond The Gates of Insanity" Review

Review: This is the second album from the Ukraine based one man dark metal band Darktrance. I have to say that when I first started listening to this album I didn't realize it was a one man band and still after listening through it, it was still hard to believe. Even though I do consider this to be dark metal I also consider this to be experimental metal due to the vast amount of music styles and influences that I can hear throughout this album. Some of the obvious styles I can pick out are doom and symphonic black metal with a somewhat epic sound that brings out the emotions in music. The songs for the most part the songs range from slower to mid-paced and are quite atmospheric and I see them as something to set the mood for and on a cloudy or rainy day. I can say I can't wait to hear more from this band in the coming years. Overall this is a great album from an awesome up and coming band that more people need to checkout! Highly recommended to any doom, dark, or experimental metal band fans!

-Daniel Damnation

Band: Darktrance, Album: Beyond the Gates of Insanity, Label: Badmoodman Music, Year: 2009, Genre: Dark Metal