"The Sister of Ursula" Review

Synopsis (From DVD Cover): Severin Films presents an infamous slice of EuroSleaze that repeatedly thrusts at the abyss of bad taste. In the wake of their father’s death, two beautiful sisters – sensitive Ursula (Barbara Magnolfi of Suspiria) and promiscuous Dagmar (Stefania D’Amario of Zombie) – come to a seaside resort for a relaxing vacation. But their idyllic getaway will soon become a depraved nightmare of kinky exhibitionists, dope-sick lotharios, lust-crazed lesbians and a psychotic killer who tears women to pieces with – no kidding – a phallus of massive proportion. Marc Porel (The Psychic) co-stars in this eye-popping combination of delectable sexploitation and vicious giallo, now fully restored from original vault elements and presented uncut and uncensored for the first time ever in America.

Review: As of recent I have been reviewing some Eurosleaze and Giallo type films and even though this one is like most typical Giallo films it certainly stands out on it's own. When it comes to the acting I'd say the cast did a pretty good job and the overall story was good as well. Now there was some over acting at times that was laughable but for the most part the acting was held together quite well. Like I said earlier in this review there is something that makes this movie stand out from most Giallos and that is the weapon the killer uses, and I won't say what it is in this review for those who have not seen the film but lets just say it'll split you wide open. One thing besides the weapon used was kinda surprising is the fact I didn't figure out who the killer was until the end because looking back it was all too obvious from the start, so this film did well in that aspect. Overall this was a pretty good giallo that kept my attention all the way through and did add a new twist to killing that I had never seen before. I give this film a 4.5 out of 5!

-Daniel Damnation

Audio: 10/10
Video: 10/10

Special Features: The Father of Ursula-Interview With Director Enzo Milioni, Theatrical Trailer

Directed By:Enzo Milioni, Released By: Severin Films, Year:2008(DVD), Genre:Giallo, Website: severin-films.com Time Length: 95 mins.