"The Hagstone Demon" Review

Synopsis: Douglas Elmore is an alcoholic writer and caretaker haunted by visions of his dead wife and pursued by supernatural forces bent on revenge for his past deeds. When tenants start turning up dead in the hallways and stairwells of his brownstone apartment building, Douglas suspects a strange but sexually alluring homeless prostitute named Karna who sleeps in his basement by day and prowls the empty city by night. But as the bodies pile up, Douglas is torn between his growing obsession with Karna and the threat of becoming a prime suspect in a murder investigation. Douglas must find the origin of the evil residing in the old Hagstone building before the secrets of his past return to destroy him.

Review: This is the newest supernatural horror film from director Jon Springer that stars Mark Borchardt (from American Movie). When I saw the trailer and found out Mark Borchardt was going to be in this film I was very enthusiastic about this film and honestly I got everything I was hoping I would. The story of this film takes the myth of the Succubus and mixes it with a very suspenseful and dark story that kept me sucked into the film and even when this film has it's slower moments I still found myself captivated. The writing is this film was quite well done for the most part despite a line here or there that falls flat. The acting is quite well also, Mark Borchardt does a great job playing a man tormented by his past and his wife's death. The other supporting cast does quite well with helping the story progress and to keep you interested. One of the very cool parts of the film was how for the most part it's in B&W but they mix in color parts when it goes to flash backs of the main characters past. This film works more on suspense than it does on gore which for this type of film that is good because trust me gore isn't the only thing that makes a good horror film. Overall I really enjoyed this film and it's one I will watch over and over again!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:Jon Springer, Released By: Cricket Films, Year: 2009(Theatrical) Genre:Horror, Website: www.cricketfilms.com Time Length: 98 mins.