"The Notorious Newman Brothers" Movie Review

Synopsis: Gangsters have been covered before, but never like this! Join Max Chaplin, one of films most inexperienced directors, as he struggles to document Paulie and Thunderclap Newman on their ascension to mobster mediocrity. Hoping to penetrate the brothers tight bond, Max goes deep inside the duo to uncover the truth about wiseguys, their influences, wizard ladies, mammoth hair jackets, mobster charades, a little bit of manslaughter and easily one of the biggest dope deals of all time.

Review: Before I had a chance to see this film I was kinda skeptical about how this movie was going to be and honestly on my first viewing I was really satisfied with what was brought to the screen by Ryan Noel, Jason Butler, and Brett Butler. This movie has more of a fake documentary style that is kinda simular to the movie "Fubar (2002)". A few things that really impressed me was the fact that these guys did so much with so little and made a truly funny independent film that makes most of the recently made comedy films look lame, another thing that I really enjoyed about this film was the great dialogue between the 3 main actors and how well these guys played off one another. The charectors Paulie and Thunderclap made me laugh my ass off through out this film because they had some of the funniest dialogue and also the way they played the mob type charectors was a hilarious blend of every mobster stereotype that you could find but in a more funny way. This movie also has a great ending which I didn't quite expect to happen but when it did I really loved it and I can't wait to see what these guys come up with next! Overall if you want to see an independent film that is very entertaining from start to finish than The Notorious Newman Brothers is a movie you must see!.......What are you waiting for? Go see it already!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: Ryan Noel, Released By: Retro Films, Year: 2009, Genre: Comedy, Website: http://www.myspace.com/thenotoriousnewmanbros Time Length: 80 mins.