Drunkard-"Like Sin Explode" Review

What we have here is the newest release from the greek thrashaholics known as Drunkard. These guys play a very brutal form of thrash that I only can compare to the great Kreator. The musical aspect of this band is comprised of slamming thrash metal riffs and blasting drums that are played with deadly percision and stay relentless until the very end. The vocals have a more ruff sound that sound more death metal than your typical thrash vocals and actually makes this album alot more badass than most the albums I have reviewed recently. This album will also keep you wanting more and not bore you 3 tracks into it. Overall I would say this is some of the best metal I have heard come my way as of recently and if your looking for something that just kicks ass you may want to pick this one up when it is released! I recommend to fans of Kreator, Witchery, and Jungle Rot!

-Daniel Damnation

Band: Drunkard
Album: Like Sin Explode
Year: Unreleased
Label: None (Also if any labels read this this band needs a label!)
Website: http://www.myspace.com/drunkardband