Dave Neabore: Paura-Remembering Lucio Fulci OST

As you may already know by the title this a review of the soundtrack to the documentary about cult horror film maker Lucio Fulci. The music on this soundtrack is pretty much remade musical scores from Fulci's films, and trust me he does a damn fine job at doing so. This soundtrack has a very dark yet menacing feel to it that overall captures the atmosphere that Lucio went for on his film. The only song that doesn't have a darker tone is "Drug Party", to me it's a very funky song that is very lively. My personal favorite is the track "Black Cat Nightmare" which is taken from the "Cat In The Brain" film. Overall I have to say that this is 5 tracks that make up one of the coolest soundtracks I have ever encountered. If you have a chance to hear it I suggest you do so!

-Daniel Damnation

Artist: Dave Neabore
Year: 2008
Limited Edition: Yes (Only 200 Pressed)
Genre: Soundtrack
Email: DaveNeabore@yahoo.com