Tombs of the Blind Dead (DVD) Review

Synopsis: In 1971, director Amando de Ossorio created what horror fans worldwide consider to be Spain's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. In Ossorio's nightmare vision, a legion of Knights Templar - executed horsemen whose eyes had been pecked out by crows - rise rotting from their graves, hunting only by sound in a quest for human flesh. The BLIND DEAD saga begins here, as a modern-day tourist trip to the ruins of the Templar monastery unleashes a frenzy of lesbian desire, sexual violence and the unholy onslaught of the eyeless undead!

Review: First off I must say that I agree with the statement "One of the best horror films you've never seen!" that Fangoria said about this truly great euro-horror cult classic. The pacing of this movie at times can be slow but when the Blind Dead rise to kill it the real horror begins. Now when it comes to the story I find it to be quite well done, and the acting isn't that bad at all either. I also like that they Blind Dead characters too much because it helps to their creepiness. The only thing I still can't figure out is how the blind dead could find the first girl they kill considering they were riding horses also and wouldn't that make it impossible for them to properly hear her? Despite that the overall movie was great and it was filled with plenty creepy blind dead zombies and suspense filled moments. Overall I would say this is a must for any fan of old school horror!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: Amando de Ossorio
Released By: Blue Underground
Year: 1971(theatrical) 2005(DVD)
Genre: Horror
Website: www.blue-underground.com
Limited Edition: Yes (From The Blind Dead Boxset)