Violator-"Chemical Assault" Review

What we have here is the first full length album from the Brazilian thrashers Violator! If you are looking for a no holds barred thrash metal attack then look no further, because these guys have what you are fiending for. I first heard this band on the "Thrashing Like A Maniac" comp that Earache put out earlier this year and then I really was wondering how a whole album from this band would be and I must say it is exactly what I expect. These guys play the truest form of thrash that is vicious and very unrelenting with every shred. Some of my favorite tracks on this album are "Toxic Death", "The Plague Returns" and "Destined To Die" but trust me this whole album kicks ass! Overall this band and album are some of the finest pieces of thrash to comeout since the 80's. I highly recommend this album to fans of Evile, Municipal Waste, Skeleton Witch, and Gama Bomb!

-Daniel Damnation