Witchery "Don't Fear The Reaper" Review

With a lot of bands coming out of Sweden with the typical "Swedish" style of metal this band delivers a much more interesting sound. Drawing from all different sub-genres of metal these guys definitely keep you wondering what the next track is going to be like, mainly because of how they mix all the genres. One thing that they did not forget to add is plenty of groove/melody, but in a more metal way. I truly believe that if you are a fan of metal and just love to hear an album that doesn't bore you with songs that all sound the same and bore you to death half way through then you must pick this album up. Not to mention if you get the US release of it you get a bonus cover of Satanic Slaughter's "Legion of Hades" which these guys do an excellent cover of. Definitely for fans of The Haunted, Testament, and Carcass.

-Daniel Damnation