Soilwork "Sworn To A Great Divide" Review

Once again this band has released another melodic metal masterpiece. Even though I really like their older albums more it seems like whatever these guys do they do it well and flawless. To me these guys stick to the same style and sound like on their previous effort "Stabbing The Drama" but it seems like they have tightend their sound more and added some thrash influences into the mix.I have to also say that Bjorn"Speed"Strid impresses me more and more every album that this band releases, he has some very strong vocals that have a great range of sound and emotion. The guitars and drums on this album are perfectly melodic and crushing when they need to be. This may not be my favorite album from this band but it is without a doubt one of my favorites. A few of my favorite tracks are "Light Discovering Darkness","Exile", and "As The Sleeper Awakes". Overall this album is very well put together and perfectly delivered and is a must have and listen for any Soilwork fans.

-Daniel Damnation