Scar Symmetry "Pitch Black Progress" Review

From Sweden comes the second release from Scar Symmetry. Unlike the other melodic death metal acts out in the scene today, these guys balance the mixture of brutality and harmony better than most bands. These guys have a similar sound to Crematory, but with a little more brutality. A few of the songs on this release get very intense and brutal and that always is a good thing. My favorite tracks off this album I would have to say are "The Kaleidoscopic God" because of its melodic brutality and "The Path of Least Resistance" because it is just a great song for the ending of an album. All and all this is one of those albums and bands to watch out for because these guys are on the rise and ready to trample those who oppose! Anyone who is into bands like Opeth, Crematory, and Garden of Shadows will definitely love this band.

-Daniel Damnation