Putridity "Mental Porlapse Induces Necrophilism" Review

From the depths of Permeated records comes Putridity. From the "saw" intro into the next track this band begins to grind your flesh away. Like most brutal death metal bands these guys have plenty of speedy to mid-paced bone crushing riffs and vocals that are extremely gutteral. Most the tracks are quite short and average about 2 to 3 minutes long except for track 9 that is over 7 minutes long. One of my favorite songs off this album is "Necrophiliac Limitations" because it just rips and grinds from start to finish and just fucking brutalizes. Overall this album crushes most of the death metal I have heard in the past few years and is a great album to add to your collection! For fans of Enmity, Deeds of Flesh, Putrid Pile, and Skinless!

-Daniel Damnation