Phazm "Antebellum Death ‘n’ Roll" Review

This is the second release from the stoner/death metal band Phazm. From the first track of this album I could tell I was in for a listen that would be interesting to say the least. This band incorporates a vast range of musical style (i.e. Doom, Black Metal, Death Metal, and Stoner Rock) to make a quite unique sound and album. The track that really stuck out to me was track 4 entitled “So White, So Blue, So Cold” because of the way it switches in between this great doom sound and a crushing death metal groove. Then you get tracks that have a speedier motorhead style of metal that shakes and breaks your bones. The only bad thing about this album is that at times the music sounds jumbled up and dissonant. Overall if you want a metal album that is fast, heavy, odd and at times trippy than this is the one for you! For fans of Entombed, Orange Goblin, and Tiamat.

-Daniel Damnation