One Man Army And The Undead Quartet "21st Century Killing Machine" Review

This is the first full length album from OMA&TUQ. I really think that Johan Lindstrand has reclaimed his “crown” as one of the kings of death metal. With plenty of groove and well done death grunts these guys bring an album that steps out of the mundane and into something that is more enjoyable and tolerable in a scene that is being flooded with Lamb of God and carcass clones. Originally when I heard the name of these guys all I could think was “what the fuck is that”, but after I put it in and pressed play I was drawn in and hooked. It may not have ultra speed blast beats and super guttural vocals, but it is still has the aggressiveness and excellent musicianship to be an excellent death metal release none the less. One of the songs that stands out to me is “Hell Is For Heroes” because it may be mid-paced and little more mellow but it has a dark edge that just draws me in. Really to me the most of the album has a very dark and grim sound. If you are an open-minded death metal fan or a fan of Johan Lindstrand work that he did in The Crown then you will sure enough like this album.

-Daniel Damnation