Occidens "Glorification of the Anti-Christ" Review

Spewing from the lungs of hell come Occiden with their newest release "Glorification of the Anti-Christ". These guy have a very classic black/death metal sound with plenty of blast beats, chaotic rhythms and of coarse raspy screech's. This is by no means groundbreaking but it is some great black/death metal that stay furious from the startto finish with plenty of satanic/apocalyptic themed lyrics. Out of most of the black/death metal I have heard in the past year this truly has to be some of the best with a very true to the underground sound that shows there are still bands who bring extreme to the table like the bands before them. This release also comes with their out of print demo "Descending of the Fire Hordes". Overall this is a great album from a great black/death metal band that deserves some recognition.

-Daniel Damnation