Napalm Death "Smear Campaign" Review

Bringing forth another album for all your grindcore needs is Napalm Death. These guys continue to release albums and refuse to bow down to trend like many bands in the death metal and grindcore genres have. Their sound continues to become more advanced the more they release albums and this album I’d have to say is probably the best when it comes to musicianship and sound. When it comes to lyrics you get songs about political issues, social issues and overall their views on the world like most of their previous albums. Musically you get all the grinding guitars and plenty of earth rumbling breakdowns with a great sense of rhythm and at times you see the more epic side of these guys. They still keep their patent style of vocals but with a little more bite. Overall this is a great album made by a band that continues to never let up and never give in. Long live Napalm Death!

-Daniel Damnation