Mercenary "The Hours That Remain" Review

This is one of those releases that I get really stoked to review because in this case I really dig their 2005 century media release "11 Dreams". This album opens up with the track “Redefine Me” that really gets the album moving and catches your attention. They have this dark and almost haunting sound that just kind of sticks with you throughout the whole album like that of the band Opeth’s most recent album. I can truly say that these guys have some great musical skills that at times can be simplistic but in no way boring at all and it really shows on this album. These guys are definitely making a name for themselves in such a good way. Some of my more favorite tracks are “Soul Decision”, “Simplicity Demand”, and “My World Is Ending”. Overall if you want an album that is full of great songs and some catchy hooks than this one you are going to love and want to pickup. For fans of Evergrey, Nevermore, and The Old Dead Tree.

-Daniel Damnation