Gotthard "Domino Effect" Review

I definitely have been under a rock when it comes to this band. With an impressive history of bands that Gotthard opened for I was definitely was anxious to see what I had been missing. Well Gotthard definitely know how to play rock music that has power to it like that of AC/DC and emotion to it like that of Def Leppard. Their opening track "Master of Illusion" takes this album off full throttle with such great energy that get you rocking from the get go and continues on with "Gone Too Far" and from their the album continues with plenty of energetic songs and ballads. And when it comes to the ballads (yes I do like ballads) tracks like "Falling" and "The Call" to name a few just hit hard with emotion and show that this band truly knows how to write and play an album like some of the greatest rock bands out there. Overall I think that this is a great album put out by one hell of a rock band. If you are a fan of AC/DC, Scorpions, or Def Leppard then you will truly enjoy this release from Gotthard!

-Daniel Damnation