Exodus "The Atrocity Exhibition" Review

I must say at first I wasn't too big of a fan of these guy's newest singer but his vocals have really helped this band become a thrash metal powerhouse once again. I can also say that this is one of those bands that gets better on every album and I'm talking about lyrical content and the overall musical aspect. These guys keep up the same intense attack that they brought to our ears on the past few albums. The overall music sound keeps to the
traditional thrash style with enough shreds and blasts to crush and elephant, and the vocals keep to their harsh assault but are clear enough to understand the lyrics. These guys continue to show that they are back and here to stay. Some of my favorite tracks are "Children of a Worthless God", "Iconoclasm", and "Bedlam 1-2-3" but don't get me wrong the whole album kicks ass. Oh yeah for you Halo 3 fanatics like myself, this is one of the best albums to listen to while slaughtering people online and mix it up with some Bolt Thrower just to cap it off. Overall this is another killer album from one of the best metal bands around!

-Daniel Damnation