Deicide "The Stench of Redeption" Review

Since the departure of the Hoffman brothers from Deicide and the recruitment of Jack Owen (ex-cannibal corpse) and Ralph Santolla (ex-iced earth/death), I have been very anxious as what the new lineup was going to sound like and well after a listen I can say that I am just blown away. The overall sound of the album and the playing of the band is by far some of their best. I really feel that this band has taken their legacy of sheer evil brutality to a whole new level that shows that these guys know how to grow as musicians. The guitar playing on this album is more technical than their previous efforts and the overall arrangements on this album are really well put together. Glen continues his vocal assault as he always has with pure aggression and unrelenting brutality. Drummer Steve Asheim continues to amaze me with is amazing drumming that takes on its own life on this album and everything else he plays on. Overall this to me is one the best albums that deicide has ever created. For fans of Aeon, Deeds of Flesh, and Morbid Angel. All Hail Deicide!

-Daniel Damnation