Chrome Division "Doomsday Rock 'n' Roll" Review

When you think of Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir, you think of epic black metal, Satan, and corpse paint....well this is the other side of him and his musical interests. When the second track cuts in greatly named "Serial Killer" you just know you are in for a greasy and grimy rock album and that is exactly what you get. These guys have made a rock album that I really like to see released, with the drive of Judas Priest and the style of Motorhead these guys rock like a motherfucker. The lyrics on this album can be simplistic but in no way does it effect the album. A few of my more favorite songs are "Chrome Division" which lyrically is like "we are Motorhead" from of course Motorhead and "The Angels Fall" because of it's just really a rocking song. Bottom line pick this album up and just fuckin' rock out! For fans of Fireball Ministry, Motorhead, and AcDc.

-Daniel Damnation