Borknagar "Origin" Review

When I think of the band Borknagar, I think of a black metal band that is ever changing from album to album. Well on this album these guys change it up once again but in a very in different way. On this release they put away the electric guitars and screams, and bring out the acoustics and clean vocals. I was skeptical when Opeth did it a few years back, but they pulled it off in grandly. Well in this case these guys also did a great jog as well. Borknagar definitely proved that they are not just another band that is afraid to show the other side of what they are. I really liked how the music has a very transcending sound that you can really relax to. I have always liked the mixture of violins into metal music and music in general so the track I really dug the most was “White”, which actually has a kind of odd feel to it. Another great song off this album is “Human Nature”. Overall this album is a masterpiece that all metal fans should enjoy. For fans of Opeth, Finntroll, and Bathory.

-Daniel Damnation